Julia Piner

Certified Birth Doula.
- HypnoActive Birth Doula Certified.
- Spinning Babies Trained.
Certified Postpartum Doula.
Licensed Massage Therapist.

Birth Services

5 simple facts about my birth doula services:

1. My main focus is the family and finding ways to show your partner how to support you best during labor/birth.
2. I am trained in comfort measures for labor/birth and techniques to help babies descend and rotate, when necessary.
3. I will be a strong support to answer your questions while keeping you informed and providing a safe space for processing.
4. My expertises support unmedicated births, births assisted with epidurals, births requiring inductions, and caesarean births!
5. My goal is to help you achieve your birth wishes and to have an overall positive birth experience.
Postpartum Services

5 simple facts about my postpartum doula services:

1. I want you to be able to enjoy bonding and spending time with your baby, littles at home, and partner.
2. My hope is to help you find routines that set your family up for success.
3. I like to provide answers to your questions, and resources for the questions I don't have the answers to! We are all always learning!
4. I plan to be an extra set of hands, providing you with better opportunities for rest and recovery postpartum.
5. My goal is to build a box with you full of tips and tricks to assist starting your parenting journey in a fulfilling way.

Massage Therapy

Personalized massage sessions to assess and target your areas of concern.
Prenatal and Postpartum massages are 50 minutes, and can be specialized for your body. Prenatal sessions are primarily side-lying to protect your baby, while postpartum can be however you are most comfortable.
50-Minute Massage
In any 50-minute massage, we can focus full body work or 2 main problem areas that need attention. Each massage is specialized in technique based on the problems or pain your body is dealing with!

Recent Blogs

Saturday, September 11, 2021 Julia Piner Blog 2959
We have a secret in our culture. It’s not that birth is painful - it’s that women are strong. Laura Stavoe Harm Over many centuries, history has shown that childbirth is altered by culture, law, medicine, medical staff, situations, and ideas. Yet, history proves the strength, dedication, and power of women to overcome pain and conquer, no matter the circumstances. Childbirth is a natural process — it ought to be empowering, inspirational, and beautiful. A mother giving birth should feel strong, confident, and loved — not weak, fearful, and disregarded.
Sunday, September 12, 2021 Julia Piner Blog 2623
A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. - Eda J LeShan When a family’s journey through the estimated forty weeks of pregnancy is imagined, it may look something like this: a positive pregnancy test, choosing a doctor or midwife, hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, seeing the baby on the first ultrasound, writing a birth plan, hiring a doula, finding out the gender, preparing a nursery, pre-washing baby clothes, choosing a name, packing hospital bags, and weekly doctor’s appointments. All of these milestones lead to the end of the pregnancy when it is time to meet baby.
Sappy Juju
"Julia was incredible during the birth of my daughter last spring. I would never have been able to go through with the natural birth without her. Having her there as a calming presence with so much knowledge on different methods to help relax your body and move into positions that would help to move the labor along was essential. I can't imagine not having her there! 100% recommend. I also went to her for a few prenatal massages which was wonderful as well."

Laine Birth Doula Client

"Julia is so awesome! I had asked Julia to be my doula and she helped answer all my questions through pregnancy and in the delivery room!! When I told my husband that she was going to be our doula he didn’t understand why we needed one. Now, after having my baby, he was so thankful that she was in there with us! Through the numerous questions at all hours, keeping my husband and I calm, directly grabbing and working with my nurses, and pulling an all nighter I could not thank her enough! If you are thinking about a doula, I highly recommend Julia. If I get pregnant again, I will definitely be calling her!"

Lexie Harrison Birth Doula Client

"Julia made my postpartum experience so much easier! She came at a time where I really needed the extra help. She did everything from organizing my son's overwhelming amounts of clothes to folding our laundry and doing dishes. She even helped us re-learn how to breastfeed since we had gotten the nipple shield early on at the hospital and it was causing clogged ducts. She's just amazing and so easy to be comfortable around. She's a constant encourager and always has a positive attitude. This isn't just a job to her—she really is passionate about helping mamas navigate their new lives."

Lindsey Tillman Postpartum Doula Client

"Julia worked with us for a few days after my second child was born and my husband returned to work. Julia was very proactive in anticipating needs for both the children and myself and offering advice/resources regarding specific postpartum issues. I also really appreciated her providing much needed structured play for my toddler while I continued to bond with my baby. Julia's cheery and reassuring demeanor along with her wealth of knowledge/resources makes her an asset to anyone who chooses to work with her!"

Jill Harris Postpartum Client